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The Shockley's Arrival

Mike's sister, Lori, and her family arrived on the Amtrak on Sunday, Father's Day. 




Nicolas, Emily and Natalie were so happy to see their cousins, Andy, Henry and Alex.






Andy and Henry about toppled Grandpa over!




There's the whole bunch...









Nicolas, Alex, Emily, Henry, Andy, Elizabeth and Natalie (with L.C.)








A Trip to Lake Berryessa

After the Shockley's had Monday to rest, we went on a day trip to Lake Berryessa on Tuesday.


Lunch time.








They played...


and played...


and played...






and played some more!




Here comes Boaty Boat!






Dinner at the Straka's

On Wednesday after the girls had a spa day at the Lafayette Hotel, some Jedi came over for dinner.  I think George was a dark (darth) guy.




The Jedi and some apprentices.  Nicolas, Henry, Alex, Emily, Natalie and Andy. 

On Thursday, we go to Lisa's for Emmy's Birthday Party.  On Friday, we go to Palo Alto to Celebrate Doug and Phyllis' 50th Wedding Anniversary.  On Saturday, we go to Lisa's again for Kristin's Graduation Party.  On Sunday, we spend a nice quiet day at home, while the Shockley's, Grandma, Emily and Kristin head to Disneyland.  Sayonara!