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Natalie's Ballet Class

December 16, 2002

Mrs. Andrea

Nat, Rachel, Kyra, Haley

Don't they look like the Von Trapp children?  Baby Donna wanted to dance, too.

Lining up to skip.

Melayna leads.

Here's Rachel's skip.

They love looking at themselves in the mirror.  Jake came with us. 

Pretty arms.

Nat's skip.



Natster and Rach

Jake is still hanging in there.

Changing to tap shoes.

The rest clickety clacking before the dance.

A Chorus Line.

They LOVE the tapping part.  Look at the great time Haylee is having!



Shake those little bums!



Lining up for more solos.

Still looking in the mirror.



Waiting their turn...

...looking in the mirror.

Haylee's solo.


Melayna's solo.


Kyra's solo.

Nat's solo.


Rachel's solo.


Hayley's solo.


I think Jake came along so he could take a picture with all the girls!