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Playgroup's Trip to Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda

August 13, 2002



We made it to Alameda by 10:30 and it was foggy!  Here are Daniel and Nic.


The tide was out so there was no water!  Evelyn, Lauren, Carol and Daniel.




But it was fun looking for and finding interesting creatures.  Evelyn and Natalie.



Catherine and Christine.


Daniel, Nicolas and Lauren.




The kids got hungry so we took a break for lunch. 



After lunch, the fog cleared and everyone peeled off their clothes and went to play in the sand and water. 


Susan and Johnny playing football.  How cute!




(Mara) Nicholas, Natalie and Daniel playing with the 'breast implants'. 



Feel it, Bug!  It's slimey!


The water was actually quite warm. 




Here are the boys on some sort of archaeological dig.  Nicholas, Hayden, Nicolas and Daniel. 


The girls building sand castles...or are those sand mountains?  Catherine, Natalie, Mary Margaret, Lauren and Mara. 




Big brother, Miguel, joins us.




Nat's funny little face.


I think Nic is chasing seagulls. 




A pretty little Catherine. 




Catherine and Lauren collecting sand. 



Rosy, Christine, Evelyn and Nat.


Nic is still on his dig.  Big brother and Nat.