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Black Butte Camping Trip 2003

 May 9 - May 12, 2003

This used to be an island where people parked their boats and played in the water.  I guess it's a good thing the water level is high!




The Black Butte.









Emily and Natalie enjoying the boat ride.


Daddy and Lisa.



Me, freezing.







This hammock has lasted since Pat and Amanda were this age and the kids still love it. 







Bug and Daddy took Mr. Big to fill up with gas.  Tone was so sad and forlorn, she set up her little chair to wait for Daddy to return.


You think these two are related?  Not Maggie. 




Nic hanging around in the hammock. 
















Pochitoes took a couple of spills on her bike and banged up both elbows, but that didn't stop her!








Natty and her favorite thing to do...pester Daddy.


Nickel Pickle and Daddy.


Tonesto, Elsea and Bugger.








I think I'll paint this one day. 








Grandma helps Nat roast a marshmallow as Nic and Grandpa look on. 


Now she gives it a go on her own. 


Bug, take the picture already!







Self portrait (thanks, Deb!)








Ponstem takes Chivie for a little stroll...







...before the ride home.  There's Boaty Boat hooked on to Denny and Sharkey hooked on to Mr. Big.  We take EVERYTHING, including the kitchen sink.



Black Butte Reservoir 2002

Captain Daddy, Kristin, Natalie, Lisa, Emily, Nic and Mick


George and Richard in the sale boat races.





Daddy and Nic looking for good skipping rocks.





Watch out!  Auntie Lisa is driving Boaty Boat.


The Fishing Expedition.




Em and Nat

Tone and Bug

Em and Nat




Bug and Nat looking at all the beetles they captured. 



Grandma and Grandpa got Kris and Mick to play Mexican train!







Here are some frames of Boaty Boat coming in to the dock.  We had the whole place to ourselves on Monday!