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We arrived at Doran State Park in Bodega Bay.  The kids couldn't wait to get outside!


Two minutes in Bodega Bay and they proclaimed they LOVE IT!


Oh, yes.  Tony lost a tooth at school on Friday.  What is it with teeth, us and camping?


We took a walk on the beach on Saturday.  We stopped to watch some insane surfers. 


Our walk continued to the end of the campground.


There was a threat of rain at one point, but we were prepared. 

Nat in her super duper rain gear.  If Nic's tennis shoes caught

on fire, his pants wouldn't know nothing about it!


Bike riding was great!  I didn't get any photos but the kids and Mike climbed every climbable

tree in the place. 


I actually was on this trip.


Nat was having great fun splashing when the tide was down.  At one point, she got stuck

 and Nic had to tow her out.


Nic cleaning all their finds.


Chivie got to dig in the sand, too.


What great fun!  By the way, the long, white building at the left is the Tides, where The Birds

was partially filmed.


And then they were gone...


All the people disappeared...


And only the birds were left...