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Bodega Bay

April 28 - May 1, 2005


Another memorable scrapping trip to Bodega!  We missed Shelly this year due to the Clayton Art and Wine Festival her husband, Shoe, was running.  We did, however, welcome Audrey, or Add On.  This year, the theme seemed to be boobs and waxing your box.  We didn't get any pictures of the boxes, thank goodness!  Leave it to Ev to teach me something new.  I had never heard of a hoochiecoo (Deborah's word) referred to as a box.  OK, enough of that! 


Leslie, Doris, Kate and Carrie's walking shoes actually saw some action. 


There was wild life!  A couple of deer this time.



Did I mention the theme was boobs?  Doris took it upon herself to show everyone how to properly wear a bra to accentuate their assets. 


As you can see, her mom taught her well.


Sharon and Deborah. 


Add On and Evie.  I must explain the 'Add On'.  When Shelly couldn't make it, her pedicure was being taken over by Audrey, Evelyn's sister who was able to join us at the last minute.  Paula and Debbie (the masseuse and esthetician) didn't know Audrey's name so they wrote 'Add On' on their schedule.  It kind of stuck!


We had a Mexican dinner on Friday night complete with piņata, serape, Mariachi hat, etc., and of course, Margaritas.   


Did I mention the theme was boobs?  Kate got a new Victoria's Secret's IPEX boob holder which everyone had to admire and some try on!


Deborah wore her Fiesta shirt for the occasion. 


Surprise cake and champagne for Sharon's 40th!  Happy Birthday, Sharon!


Doris and Leslie passing out the champagne. 


Patti toasting.


Everyone toasting.  Carrie, Doris, Deborah, Kate, Tricia, Sharon and Leslie.


We actually did scrap a little, watch a few movies and sleep off the booze.  Carrie and Lisa in the back, Patti and Doris on the sofa. 


Did I mention the theme was boobs?  Doris trying to help Rosy get her boobs off of her belly button.  Fat chance!


Some serious scrapping. 


Chinese!  YUM!  Lisa, Debbie, Paula, Leslie, Deborah, Carrie.


Evie making a goofy face.


The group again.


Deborah moonlighting on Rosy's computer.  Patti engrossed in the movie of the moment. 


Add On.




Carrie giving Doris a message.


Doris borrows Princess Kate's tiara and has a few glasses, I mean bottles, of wine in the hot tub. 


Carrie joins her.


Did I mention the theme was boobs?  Leslie enjoying a soak, too.


Patti, Rosy and Deborah's pedicured toes. 




Tito calls and Doris has to take a break from the spa.  Deborah is cracking up because she's telling him, "Welcome to my world!"  He was obviously complaining about something on the home front. 


Better him than me!




Carrie still in her jammies.


Deborah and Lisa make sure Doris stays above water.


Kate reclaims her crown.


Princess Kate


We actually did get some scrapping in. 


MAMBO!  A little bit of Happy in my life...


RIB NIGHT!  And the girls STILL in their jammies. 


Sharon and Tricia.  I like the red wine in the margarita glasses. 


Morning rolls around.  Doris had such a great rebound last night that she was crowned princess again.  Of course, Kate is the OP (Original Princess)!