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March 13, 2004

Nic and Nat start the Borrego Springs trip with bike riding around the campground. 
I was here, too.
It's hard to believe but, in these pile of rocks is an oasis.  Nic and Nat have been looking forward to the hike all year. 
So, on the day of the hike, everyone puts on their hats, sunscreen and and fills their canteens. 
Grandma and the babies take a little break and try to get some cool off of the rock. 
We're almost there!  We can see the tree tops of the oasis!
The hike gets pretty rough.
Just one little stream to cross.  
Here we go...
We made it!  Everyone takes a little break, has a little snack, rests a little...
Daddy looks at the waterfall. 
Everyone wanted to take a picture with the beautiful palms. 
Here's a shot on the return trip. 
Bug heads back over the boulders. 
The babies did a great job walking back in the heat. 
Toni started to give out and Daddy had to give her a lift. 
Almost home. 
Now the bug gets a little lift. 
Here we are at the camp fire with Grandma and Grandpa's old friends.