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Game Pictures

 Nic hits a pitched ball!

 Take me out to the ball park...

Good game!

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Austin Zach

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Quinten and Coach Daddy

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Nic Jack


First Practice -- The Braves

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Coach Deborah starts the players up with a warmup of jumping jacks.

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Coach Adam then has them run the bases -- note how Nic stays on the white line.

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Here's Coach Adam rolling balls so the players can practice catching grounders.

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Waiting for their turn.

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Now we're practicing throwing and catching.

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Coach Deborah teaches Nic how to hold a bat.

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No moss growing around here...Coach Deborah has the others practicing their swings.

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Hey, Nic hits one!

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Run under that bench, come over the top and head back -- of course, the pokiest little guy on earth is last.

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Grant gives one a good crack!

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Let's have an end of practice huddle.   What should our cheer be?

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Gooooooo Braves!