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Nicolas' Seventh Birthday Party

In honor of Ground Hog Day,

we made Punxatawney Phil

cupcakes instead of a cake.

Max R., Shane and Cameron

playing Yu-Gi-Oh.




Nic, Shane and Max B.

Jasmine arrives and is ready to party!

Everyone gets front row seats

for Gerald, the Magician.





Gerald gets his first volunteer,


Next Shane helps out a little.

Max B. and Natalie.




This one was funny.  He

pulled a rope through his

body and accidentally took

his boxers with it!  I missed

that photo. 

From the time I booked the

Magician, Nicolas didn't want

to have anything to do with him. 

He said he wasn't going to like

him and neither was anyone else.

Magic wasn't his theme, blah,

blah, blah, blah.  After seeing

how much fun all the other

volunteers were having, he

finally volunteers.

I warned Gerald not to pick on

Nic and not to insist he help if

he didn't want to.  He turned

out to be a pretty good sport!




He got a lot of coins from

all over his body!


Max R. up to help.




Jasmine is more interested

in the balloons.

Emily and the card trick.




This one was bizarre!  No one

could figure out how he made

the table float.

We were trying to look

under it and everything!




I forgot to warn Gerald not

to pick on Daddy!  Daddy gets

the bunny ears.

Now Cameron gets the bunny


...and Daddy gets the tiara!

He was a good sport, too.




The King and the Bunny are

going to help a cute bunny



AAAHHHH!!  That bunny

isn't cute!




OK, let's try that again.

Maybe the PLUNGER hat

will do it!

Nic waves his magic fingers

over the hat...

...and a CUTE bunny appears!




The kids really enjoyed Gerald.

Here's his website with

contact info!





Daddy lights the candles.

Happy Birthday, cha-cha-cha!




Cameron, Oli and Emily.

Max R. and Shane.

Nicolas and Max B.




Grant and Teeny Tiny Toni.




Present time!  Grandma

helps Nic read the cards.


Grant's new little friend,





Uncle Little helps Oli with

a splinter.

Boobie, Eme with Jasmine,

who is trying to see the





Grandma helps Nic put

together some Lego's.

My sister, Boobie, with my niece,

Jasmine, my daughter, Lina, my

bug, Nicolas, my niece Oli and,

my sister, Eme.  Oli and Jasmine

are Eme's daughters. 

My brother, Little, my sister,

Boobie and my niece,






The two Bugs always end up

playing together.

Jasmine likes her cousin's

Grandma's necklace.

Daddy now helps the Bug

assemble some gifts.




 So, after Nic's party was

over, we had dinner to

celebrate the Straka

January birthdays.

Chivie wouldn't leave

George's side.  He was

in charge of the meat!





Nic and Mick.

Kris and Mick.

Lisa and George.



This was the best birthday





 Here's a picture of Nic and Daddy.  Nic is trying out the tools the Meylans gave him.  Two peas in a pod!