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Merry Christmas 2000!!

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In case you missed my tree this year, it was a 'partridge in a pear tree'.

Martha (Stewart) gave me the idea for the wrapping.  Butcher paper with cloth ribbons and tree sprigs. 


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Honey Bunch, the guests are going to arrive in an hour.  Are you sure I shouldn't turn on the oven?

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No, I can get it to work.

holly.gif (1916 bytes)Christmas Eve Dinner with Rosy's sisters and their families.

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Nicolas was serenading my sister, Boobie, as she sat listening intently. 

He was singing Rudolph accompanied by his homemade guitar. 

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My sister, Nena,   and her son, Lexi, checking out something interesting. 

Christmas morning at Mike and Rosy's.  holly.gif (1916 bytes)

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Look, Santa bought me 'Olive, The Other Reindeer'! 

Mines got a doll house!

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Hey, he left stuff in the stockings, too!

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Sigh....what is all this stuff and where is my mat?

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What's that they say about the boxes usually being more fun than the toys?

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holly.gif (1916 bytes)  Christmas Dinner at Lisa (Mike's sister) and George's. 

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Cousin Emily, Nic and Nat got big brother, Mot, to play chase.

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There's Mike, Mom, Lisa, Dad and Kristin.  Just missing Lori!

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