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Reindeer Games
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Nic and Nat

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Christmas Eve with the Ayalas
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Me and my sisters, Boobie, Eme and Nena
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My son, Miguel, his cousin, Oli, sister, Natalie and Aunt Boobie

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Paul, Oli and Natalie

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Me, my sisters and our 'others'.

Paul & Eme, Eugenio & Boobie, Rosy & Mike, Nena and Bob (and Natalie)

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My son. Another 'Mot' self portrait.

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My daughter, Celina.

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Christmas Morning
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He came!

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This is the best Christmas ever!

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Natalie mostly loved ripping off the wrapping.

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Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa's
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Grandpa, Aunt Kristin, Natalie and Daddy.

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Mot and Pat on the cube or the box or something.

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Princess cousins.

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Going Home...
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Going the jammies Grandma made them for Christmas.

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What a fun day!