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End of Year Photos

Another sad day at the Straka household as yet another vehicle bites the dust.  Motory got traded in (for Sharkey, who we don't have yet). 

Hugs all around.


I'll miss you Motory.  (Sniff, sniff).


Good bye, Motory!








Christmas is coming!




Christmas Card Photo







Everyone, even Chivie, helps bring in the tree.


Decorating with Christmas carols and eggnog.


Nic and Nat made small trees for their rooms. 







Nic reads to his little sister in a box.  They have refreshments near by. 










A visit with the Hillaires



We went to dinner at Kathy and Robert's house.  Emily came with us and the kids had a blast.  Here are Nic, Nat, Em and Adam.


Here they are again at the dinner table.


Robert, Adam and Kathy.








Christmas Eve



Every 24th of December, the babies get to go to the office with Daddy.  Nat has two heavy bags and they also took along some guys.


Nat in a box.  These kids LOVE boxes. 


Boobie came over and the kids got to open a present on Christmas Eve. 








Christmas Day is FINALLY here!



Yahooooooo!  The Big Guy came!



Another light saber????!!






Chivie got a little something, too.


Mot helps Nat set up her Lego's.


Nic tries out the new bike.






Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...

Pat, Mot and Mick


G & G


Emily, Amanda and Lisa






Grandma, I LOVE my new robe you made me!  I look just like Princess Leia!



I LOVE my robe, too.  Thanks, Grandma!  (By the way, he wears it everywhere.  To the mall, to Safeway, etc.)







Amanda getting in some reading.








I think there's a Star Wars something or other going on.  Emmy loves her Grandma robe, too.


Amanda and Pat


George, Lisa and Grandma






Kristin and her Daddy


Grandpa and the silly granddaughters








Grandpa, Kris and Mike



Pat, Mot and the slumbering Amanda








Some black and whites Mot shot.



The beautiful table Grandma set.










How come no one tells me it looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket?


George and Lisa


Kristin telling a tale.








Relaxing, watching, falling asleep.










Going home.