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Palm Desert, Borrego Springs

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Hanging around.

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We came to the desert for warm weather...and got snow!  As I recall, last year we got all 2 inches of rain fall for the year.  

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Nic and Nat off on a lizard hunt.

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In front of an Ocotillo cactus.

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Camping in the 21st century.  I know, Mrs. Julie, it's not really camping -- but I got to work on my web page while it was so cold!

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Nic gets sent to his room for being so argumentative.  I swear he's going to be a lawyer! 



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I guess I was wrong last year...THIS is the last year Nat will fit in the dishpan for a bath.

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Three peas in a pod.  Nic, Grandpa and Daddy.

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Uncle Doug and Aunt Phyllis.  Nic and Nat loved to have Aunt Phyllis turns out she makes the yummiest desserts!

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Nat, the little plumber girl.

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Checking out the fish in the pond.

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Desert Hike.

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Star gazing during the campfire.  Aunt Phyllis, Bug, Daddy, Nat & Grandpa.

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We had a little visitor during the campfire!

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Uncle Doug and Aunt Phyllis at the Oasis of Palms in Palm Canyon.

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OK, this is ridiculous...get outside!