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A Walk Down Memory Lake


Nic & Emily

Amanda & Pat


Nic & Emily

(Nat's in this one, too.)


Amanda & Pat


Nat, Emily, Nic


Amanda & Pat


Emily, Nic, Nat


Amanda & Pat


Nat, Emily, Nic



Pat & Amanda


Nat, Emily, Nic

Pat & Amanda


Nic, Emily, Nat


Amanda & Pat


Nic, Emily, Nat


Amanda & Pat


Eagle Lake 2003



Roughing it at Eagle Lake!



  George gets started on his rough week by setting up the satellite dish.  He had to watch the Tour de France. 






The babies try out Grandma's new hammock. 





The Lemonade Stand


Emily bought her lemonade stand to camp.  The babies wait for customers.  She's the manager, cause it's her stand.



The first customer!!  Even though it's just a family member (Daddy), it's exciting to get your first sale.



Still waiting patiently for customers.  Mama, Grandma and Lisa came by and bought lemonade, too.   



LOOK!  The first paying, NON family customers!















The lemonade stand turned out to be quite a hot spot at camp.  People driving by in cars stopped, people on bicycles, kids going to the beach.  Even Marv, the camp host stopped by for some lemonade and gave the kids a tip.  Wanted to know why it was closed one day...thought it must be a union shop.  The kids made $9.50 by the end of the week and they only opened two days!  At one point, Em, Nic and Nat went through the campground announcing the lemonade stand at site 177.  Mickey, their Director of Marketing, suggested they load up the stand on one of the wagons and take the lemonade to the customers!



The Birdies




There was a nest of birdies outside the ladies bathroom.  One day, the nest was gone and I almost stepped on one of the babies.  I picked him up and got this overwhelming urge to take him home, put him in a clothes basket and nurse him back to health by feeding him mushed up bread with milk. 


I concluded that my mother was saying hello or something happened to her sister, my Tia Manuela.  There were countless times when I was little that my mom or her sister found little birdies and took them home and nursed them back to health.  Do you remember?  But, I also got a call from my friend, Birdie,


who I haven't talked to in years!  Weird! 


Of course, Natalie wanted to keep him.  We decided it was best to put him back where we found him.  We found 2 of his siblings and left them all near where we found them.  Their parents came back and watched over them till they could fly. 



Water Play



Nic floating around in his life vest.


Natalie on the boogie board. 



Pat wake boards.  He gets up and going on his first attempt!


He's already Mr. Cool -- one handed. 

The Bug Girl, Natalie, found several animals.  While we were on the boat, a couple of dragonflies landed on her fingers for a while.  Later, while playing in the water, she found something.  "Mama, look at the worm I found!  Oh, it's stuck."  As she scrapes it off and puts it in a bucket I say, "Nat, I don't think that's a worm."  It was a leech!  ICK!  Well, at least it wasn't the Lake Ness Monster!



Card Games


Mickey and Kristin playing cards with...


Pat and Kim.



"Don't you dare take a picture of..."  CLICK






Pat and his mommy, Lisa.








George gets dunked




George asked for it.  He was walking out to the boat trying not to get his trunks wet.  So his girls, Lisa, Amanda and Emily splashed him all up. 




The Tooth Fairy


Nic lost a tooth one day.  It was really loose and came out while he was on the green boogie board. 


The next day, we told Emily to go on the green boogie board and maybe her tooth would fall out.  It did!  Coincidentally, it was the same tooth. 


Nic hadn't put his tooth under his pillow yet because, you know, it takes a day for the Tooth Fairy to find you at camp. 


Well, in my over zealous cleaning, I threw out the baggie containing Nic's tooth.  He started to cry, then Nat started to cry (sympathy). 


What else could I do but get a flashlight and go look in the dumpster?

This would be the dumpster.  See the can on the right? That's recycling.  See the one on the left?  That's for fish guts...the one I fell into while standing on.


After dangling in the dumpster, finding our bag, sifting through it, giving a show to the group across the way, I will have to finish the story in a few years can read! 


All ended well, Nic put the tooth out for the Tooth Fairy with a note asking her what she does with the teeth.  She said she recycles them, of course.  Nic thought her writing looked suspiciously like the Easter Bunny's. 


I also noticed later in the week, that the dumpster by our site was the biggest tallest one in the camp ground.



All I can say is, it's nice to have a cousin at camp who loses a tooth the day after you do!









More Card Games and Stuff


Kim, George, Grandma, Kristin and Mickey playing Mexican Train.


The little guys playing a card game. 






Andrew and Amanda also playing.


"I want to sit by Emily!" "NO, I do!"  OK, she'll sit in the middle.







Beach Fun


Grandpa brings Maggie down to the beach.  She and Penny blast through everyone, showering them and getting sand on the blankets!





At one point, Nic and Nat didn't want to go out in the water with Em.  Em says, "I thought you were my cousins!"  Whatever that meant!



The Lookout


Mt. Lassen from the Antelope Lookout.  By the way, Kris, Mick, Mike and the three little ones took a day trip to Lassen.


Natalie says we should get a fish bowl as big as the lookout for Dennis. 


Lisa and George took Pat and Kim in the Strange Rover up to the Lookout.  Mike and I took the three little guys up in Denny.


Nic could of stayed and chatted with Jeff all day long. 



Camp Fun and Activities


Grandma gets a little Nat loving. 








Grandpa taking Maggie for her constitutional. 








Nicolas decides to help Daddy with the grilling. 



The annual picture on the rocks.









Bike Riding Fun


Nic rides his dirt bike in the dirt.






What a difference from last year when George and Lisa were trying to teach Nat how to ride!  She even rode to the Marina almost every day for an ice cream.  Almost 5 miles!





The kids are old enough and proficient enough on their bikes to ride around the campground.











There was a slight problem with riding in the evening.


 Gnats in your teeth and nose!


But the babies figured out a good way to avoid them!





Best part of camp - Campfire!


If you look over the tree on the right, you can make out the evening bats!



Daddy starting the camp fire.


Grandpa, I'm ready to go to bed, how about you?  Yep, me, too.








Grandma gets some Emily loving.


Natty and Daddy.


Penny and Daddy. 



This was by far the best year at Eagle Lake!