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Emily's Birthday Party

Deanna gets the kids ready for sack races.


Nat's new best friend, Madeline.


Emmy eating lunch with her guests.






Andy and Henry taking a lunch break.


The crew is lined up for pin the tail on the dino. 

Madeline, Natalie, Cousins Andy, Henry and Emmy


I wasn't peeking!






Now the kids are lined up for the piņata.  Henry's very excited.


Henry takes a whack at it. 


Everyone waiting for it to burst.






Heavens to mergatroid!  Nicolas is participating!


Amanda gets to take a turn, too... 


and breaks it!






Lisa lighting the candles.


Cousin Amanda, Aunt Lori, Cousin LL and babysitter, Claire. 


Make a wish!






Emmy cleaned up on presents!


Grandpa giving Pat some swinging pointers. 


Aunt Lori, LL, Grandma, Anderson and Hen. 








Emmy on the pogo stick Grandma gave her. 








OK, let's try to get all the grand kids.  LL won't do it. 


OK, maybe if mommy holds her...










Oh, well...all the Grandchildren and Lori.

Pat, Henry, Amanda, Emily, Natalie, Andy, Nicolas, Alex and Elizabeth










Now she's happy!