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Lindsay Wildlife Field Trip, January 14, 2003

The kids line up to begin the tour.

Our Docent

The Bobcat




Deborah and Clarice

What's your question?

Mr. Rob, Gabby and Megan




Mrs. Fuller Austin and Breanna


Checking out the Bone Yard.










The Docent tests our kids' dino know how.

Today, rats are on disply.

The volunteers let the rats walk around on them!




Now we're looking at the raptures.

Lunchtime!  Mrs. Fuller says this happens at school, too.  The girls head to one table...

...and the boys to the other. 




Here we've got some little monkeys.

More little monkeys.






"Hello, Grant?  I've got no one to talk to.  There's only GIRLS in my car!"

And they're pretty silly!


At School, December 9, 2002

One of the good things about doing the Monday mail in the kids' classrooms is that I get to see what goes on!

Here's Nat sneaking a peek at me.

Nic and his classmates conducting an experiment.

Grant at the same experiment.




Nic takes his studies quite seriously.  Would you expect anything else?

Rainy Day Schedule.  Snack is had inside.

Nope, I can't see you taking a picture of me!


1st Grade trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science, October 25, 2002

Clarice, Shane, Nic and Lindsay

Talking about solids, gases and liquids.

The scientists get to make slime!




Here are Nic and Shane making theirs.

Shane, Clarice and Nic by some fossils.





Clarice, Gabby, Riley, Rachel and Shane.


Come on, Nic, you can do it!


Kindergarten Trip to the Pumpkin Patch, October 23, 2002

Nice, cool day for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Learning about gourds, etc.

Logan and Nat




Melanyna, mommy (Patty) and Kyra

Jenelle, Kyra and Melayna

Jennifer, Katie and Haylee




Nat, Dominic and Andy

Watching gourds grow.

Nat, Jennifer and Logan.




Let's go get our pumpkin!

Waiting for the bus.

Boarding the bus!


More School, September 23, 2002

Tone is so engrossed.


Moving on to the next subject.


And more, September 16, 2002

Kyra playing with Natalone's hair.

Toni and Kyra

Natalina coming from ballet class. 


Meet the Kindergarten Teacher

Natalie goes to Meet the Kindergarten Teacher Day.  She and Daddy are waiting for Mrs. Coverdale to begin the tour. 

The First Day of School!


Natalie and Daddy make coffee and cocoa as usual.


No TV, though!  Bug is waiting patiently on the brown couch for his cocoa.  He's excited about the first day of school!




Ready to roll!



And hop into Mr. Big. 


Nic finds some old buddies -- Grant and Shane. 




Nat and Rachel hook up in the yard. 



The bell rings and Nic freezes!


Waiting for the 'walk to the line' whistle. 




Nic and his classmates line up.  Mrs. Fuller is the teacher. 



Wave bye-bye to all the parents (with separation anxiety)!

Nat lines up with the other Kinders (the little girl she's next to looks suspiciously like Rachel). 






I happened to be working in the office and caught this little tour in progress.  Mrs. Coverdale brings Natalie's class for a tour of the office and to meet the principal, Mrs. Schuler.  Hopefully, Nat won't see this room too often. 



The tour continued on to the library. 


First day of class is over!  Here are Natalie and Kira hugging Mrs. C. 




And guess what?!  I got a white star just like Bug!


I peeked in on Nic's 1st/2nd Grade Combo Class.  He says they had a practice Math Quiz and thinks he did pretty well. 




Dismissal.  The boys got high fives and the girls got hugs.  He liked Mrs. Fuller so well on the first day of school he thought it would be lucky if he got her again for 2nd Grade!