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Mike's New Toy 2001

Captain.jpg (74438 bytes)

Captain Honey Bunch on the maiden vogage at Black Butte Reservoir.


Rosy, Natalie, Nicolas and Emily watching the sailboat races at Black Butte from the bow of the boat with no name.  (Anybody have suggestions for boat names?)

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Water play at a little cove at Lake Berryessa.

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  Our visit to Wisconsin, May 2001 packer.gif (1997 bytes)

Airport.jpg (110197 bytes)

Here we are at 5:30 a.m. at SF Airport for the big trip to Wisconsin.  At this point, Natalie still thinks Daddy is coming with us.  


We met up with Emily and Lisa and are off to the gate. 

Togate.jpg (103259 bytes)



1stplane.jpg (107769 bytes)

First airplane ride.   Nic loved every second.  Nat held my hand at takeoff but then proceeded to be her usual pesky, little self. 


airplane.gif (15497 bytes)


Arrival at Lori and Mark's

Surprise.jpg (93979 bytes)


Mark says, "I didn't know your Mom was coming."  Neither did Lori!

Lizzie.jpg (100984 bytes)

The reason for the visit.  Miss Elizabeth Anne Shockley. 

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Godmom.jpg (91528 bytes)

Godmother and child.



The Baptism

Baptism.jpg (124664 bytes)

Newly Baptized Elizabeth.  

Natalie  wanted to know if the guy in the robe was the King.


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Grandkids Galore!


Firetruc.jpg (122672 bytes)

Visit to New Glarus museum.   Henry, Emily, Nicolas, Andy, Alex and Natalie.

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6cousins.jpg (144859 bytes)

I almost got everyone!   Grandma playing with six of her grandchildren. 

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tractor.gif (2422 bytes)

Natsid.jpg (87640 bytes)

Natalie falls for Sidney, the 25 pound cat.  Sidney doesn't mind.

Dinosaur.jpg (83169 bytes)

Andy and Natalie playing the gentlest game of dinosaurs. 

Alnic.jpg (98212 bytes)

Alex and Nic playing Buzz and Zurg. 

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cow3d.gif (11917 bytes)

Pewpew.jpg (98641 bytes)

The kids had to watch the diaper changing.  Nic thinks it's stinky. 

7cousins.jpg (118086 bytes)

This is the only picture I managed to get of all the kids.  Henry, Andy, Natalie, Emily, Elizabeth, Alex and Nic. 

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The Ludlow Mansion

Check out this link to see the beautiful Bed and Breakfast we had the pleasure of staying at.

Thanks, Penny, Greg and Elizabeth!

Luddine.jpg (103515 bytes)

The kids loved the breakfasts at the Mansion.  It was like a real live tea party.

Ludlow1.jpg (116271 bytes)

Hanging out in the Mansion living room.


The Shockley's


Shockley.jpg (95040 bytes)

Alex, Henry, Lori, Andy, Elizabeth and Mark. 

See you in November!


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Nathome.jpg (106714 bytes)

That was fun!

Nichome.jpg (91671 bytes)

When can we do it again?