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Miscellaneous Photos

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You may know Natalie's imaginary friend, Wilba.  Well,

there was an article in Parenting on imaginary playmates

with this picture.  I showed it to Nat and asked her if this

is what Wilba looked like and she said, "YES, that's Wilba!" 

The girl even looks like Nat!


natgivescatherinebike1.jpg (191524 bytes)

Natalie gives her first little bike to Catherine.  Actually, Aunt Lisa first gave it to Nic!

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bugdaddyhomework.jpg (1054837 bytes)

Bug and Daddy working on the Bug's homework.

nataliework1.jpg (1064386 bytes)

Toni had to work on hers, too.

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family012302.jpg (146317 bytes)

Cheese!  Had to get a picture for Nic's VIP. 

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021002karen.jpg (947374 bytes)

Grandma in February at the 1st Quarter birthday celebrations. 

021002kristin.jpg (949851 bytes)

Aunt Kristin.



021002lisapatgeorge2.jpg (1132844 bytes)

Aunt Lisa, Uncle George and Cousin Pat.



021002natdadnic2.jpg (1019062 bytes)

Daddy opening his presents.


021002natemdresses.jpg (1073597 bytes)

Emily and Natalie in the Valentine's Day dresses Grandma made them. 

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lhs017crop.jpg (224160 bytes)

Gretchen and Natalie making a friend at the Lawrence Hall of Science. 




lhs019.jpg (214258 bytes)

Nicolas and Lauren have these mind benders all figured out!

lhs022.jpg (804637 bytes)

Nat and Nic on the whale at LHS.  



lhs025.jpg (788165 bytes)

Still the most beautiful view on earth!



lhs042crop.jpg (149412 bytes)

Nic climbing on some DNA at LHS.

lhs046crop.jpg (164222 bytes)

Tailgate party!

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office002crop.jpg (156108 bytes)

We rearranged the bedroom to make an office for Daddy.  Suits Natalie just fine...

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garden005.jpg (999586 bytes)

My bulbs produced!

nicshouse004.jpg (1038191 bytes)

Nic building a house with the birthday present from Grandma.  Thanks, Grandma!!



nicshouse005.jpg (983904 bytes)

Nat had to be in the picture, too.

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sisters002crop.jpg (121981 bytes)

My sisters.  Celia (Eme)

sisters001crop.jpg (142039 bytes)

Maria (Nena)

sisters003crop.jpg (94161 bytes)

Zara (Boobie)

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bluetruck009crop.jpg (177797 bytes)

A sad day at the Straka household.   Blue Truck is being sold.  Nic and Nat gave Blue Truck hugs goodbye.  (So did I when no one was looking!)



bluetruck011crop.jpg (88724 bytes)

Goodbye, Blue Truck.  Sniff, sniff.

bluetruck013crop.jpg (62169 bytes)

We'll miss you!



bluetruck014crop.jpg (93784 bytes)


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easter025crop.jpg (162906 bytes)

Nat and Em at Easter.

easter021crop.jpg (213096 bytes)


My handsome little Honey Bunch. 

easter019crop.jpg (254141 bytes)

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